Structured Cabling System for First Metropolitan Church

Project Scope
  • Professional Structured Cabling System Design and Installation

  • High Rack Installation

  • Coaxial Cable Installation for TVs

  • Ethernet Cable Installation for Data, Voice (Phones), APs, TVs

  • Access Control System Integration

  • Main Backbone Connection to the Old Church Building with Outdoor Enclosure Installation

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

The Chalange

  • The new building required a comprehensive, structured cabling system to support various technologies and communication needs.

  • The cabling system needed to integrate with the existing infrastructure of the old church building.

  • Data, voice, wireless access points, TVs, and access control systems require reliable and secure connections.

  • The outdoor environment posed additional challenges for the primary backbone connection between buildings.

Our Solution

  • Consultation and Assessment:

    • Conducted an on-site survey to understand the specific needs and requirements of the new building and its integration with the old church building.

    • Assessed the existing infrastructure and planned the cabling routes to ensure optimal performance and minimal disruption.

  • Professional Structured Cabling System:

    • High Rack Installation: Installed a high rack to house all network equipment, ensuring it is secure, organized, and ready for future expansion. This rack was designed to support all structured cabling and provide easy maintenance access.

    • Coaxial Cable Installation: Coaxial cables were installed throughout the new building to support TV connections and ensure high-quality video signals.

    • Ethernet Cable Installation: Deployed Ethernet cables for data and voice communications, including phones, access points (APs), and TVs. The cables were routed and terminated professionally to ensure reliable connectivity and minimal signal loss.

    • Access Control System Integration: Integrated an access control system to enhance security. The system was connected via Ethernet cabling to ensure reliable operation and easy management.

    • Main Backbone Connection: Established a primary backbone connection to the old church building using outdoor enclosures to protect the cables from environmental elements. This connection ensured seamless integration between the new and old buildings, allowing for unified network operations.

The Results


  • Successful Implementation: This project successfully addressed the structured cabling and connectivity needs of First Metropolitan Church, transforming the new building into a well-connected, secure, and efficiently managed environment. The comprehensive solutions provided by Datcomm have significantly enhanced the operational capabilities of the church.

  • Client Satisfaction: The client expressed great satisfaction with Datcomm’s solution, highlighting the professional design, installation, and ongoing support. The structured cabling system met and exceeded the client’s expectations, ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity.

  • Future Prospects: The improved connectivity and integrated infrastructure have positioned First Metropolitan Church for future growth and technological advancements. Datcomm’s solutions have laid a solid foundation for scalable and future-proof IT infrastructure, enabling the client to adapt to evolving needs
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