Robust Security Camera and SD-WAN System for a Remote Branch Office

Project Scope

 Client: EagleExpress Branch Office in Houston

  • Installation of Professional Rack, Patch Panels, and Labeling

  • Security Camera System Design and Installation

  • SD-WAN Implementation

  • Cable Structure Installation

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

The Chalange

  • The branch office required a robust security camera system to monitor the premises effectively.

  • A network system needed to be secure, scalable, and easy to manage.

  • A reliable SD-WAN solution was necessary to ensure seamless connectivity with automatic failover support for two internet providers.

  • Proper cable management and infrastructure were essential to support current needs and future expansion.

Our Solution

  • Consultation and Assessment:

    • Conducted an on-site survey to understand the specific security and connectivity needs of the branch office.

    • Identified optimal locations for security cameras to ensure comprehensive coverage of the premises.

    • Assessed the existing network infrastructure to integrate the new systems seamlessly.

  • Cable Structure Installation:

    • Professional Cabling: Installed structured cabling throughout the branch office to support network and security systems. Ensured clean and organized cable runs to minimize potential points of failure and make future maintenance easier.

    • Professional Rack: Installed a professional rack to house all IT equipment, ensuring it is safe, organized, and ready for future expansion.

    • Patch Panels and Labeling: Installed patch panels and implemented professional labeling to facilitate easy troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Customized Security Camera System:

    • Unifi Technology: Selected Unifi technology for its reliability, scalability, and advanced features.

    • Camera Deployment: Installed high-definition IP security cameras at strategic locations to cover critical areas. Choose cameras with advanced features such as motion detection, night vision, and wide dynamic range (WDR) to ensure optimal performance.

    • Centralized Management: Integrated the cameras with a centralized platform, allowing for easy monitoring, recording, and playback. Configured event-based recording and alerts to ensure timely response to incidents.

    • Remote Access: Secure remote access to the camera system has been enabled. This allows authorized personnel to view live feeds and recordings from any location, providing flexibility and ensuring continuous monitoring.

  • SD-WAN Implementation:

    • Robust Network Infrastructure: Designed and implemented a secure and scalable SD-WAN solution to enhance network performance and reliability.

    • Automatic Failover: Configured the SD-WAN to provide automatic failover support, ensuring continuous internet connectivity even if the primary connection fails. This involved setting up redundant internet connections and configuring the SD-WAN for seamless transition between them.

    • Centralized Management: Deployed a cloud-based SD-WAN management platform for real-time monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting and enabled features such as traffic prioritization and dynamic path selection to optimize network performance.

    • Security Measures: Advanced security measures within the SD-WAN were implemented to protect the network from potential threats. This included encryption, firewall integration, and secure VPN connections.

    • Separate WiFi SSID: Set up a separate WiFi SSID for "bring your own device" (BYOD) to provide reliable connections to personal devices without compromising the integrity and security of the business network.

The Results


  • Successful Implementation: This project successfully addressed the security and connectivity needs of the branch office, transforming it into a secure, connected, and efficiently managed environment. The comprehensive solutions provided by Datcomm have significantly enhanced the operational capabilities of the branch office.

  • Client Satisfaction: The client expressed great satisfaction with Datcomm’s solution, highlighting the professional design, installation, and ongoing support. The seamless integration of advanced technologies and the robust network infrastructure have met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

  • Future Prospects: Due to the success of the design and implementation, the owner from California used the same design and plan for his branch in California and other new locations. The improved security and connectivity capabilities have positioned the client for future growth and technological advancements. Datcomm’s solutions have laid a solid foundation for scalable and future-proof IT infrastructure, enabling the client to adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements.
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