MVP Surgical, Network, WiFi, and Security System Installation

Client Overview
  • Client Name: MVP Surgical

  • Industry: Healthcare/Surgical Center

  • Location: 7501 Fannin St, Houston, TX

  • Client’s Needs: MVP Surgical leased a new floor and required a comprehensive network infrastructure, an advanced security system, and robust WiFi coverage to support their operations.
Project Scope
  • Project Size: Entire floor of a building

  • Services Provided:

    • Fiber backbone installation

    • WiFi site survey and heatmap analysis

    • Access point (AP) installation

    • Structured cabling with more than 400 ethernet drops

    • Professional rack installation

    • Network device installation, including switches, APs

    • Advanced camera system design and installation

The Chalange

  1. New Floor Integration: Seamless integration of the new floor’s network with the existing infrastructure.

  2. Extensive Cabling Needs: Installation and management of over 400 ethernet drops.

  3. Advanced Security Requirements: Implementation of a sophisticated camera system with advanced features for monitoring and deterrence.

  4. WiFi System Design and Installation: Designing and implementing a comprehensive WiFi system to ensure reliable and high-performance wireless coverage.

Solutions Implemented

  1. Fiber Backbone Installation:

    • Installed a fiber optic backbone for high-speed and reliable connectivity between floors.

  2. WiFi Site Survey and Heatmap Analysis:

    • Conducted a professional WiFi site survey and heatmap analysis to identify optimal locations for AP installation.

  3. Access Point (AP) Installation:

    • Installed APs strategically based on the survey and analysis to ensure strong and consistent WiFi signals throughout the floor.

  4. Structured Cabling:

    • Installed over 400 ethernet drops and organized them for efficient cable management.

  5. Professional Rack Installation:

    • Installed a professional rack to house network equipment, ensuring proper ventilation and organization.

  6. Network Devices Installation:

    • Installed and configured network devices, including switches, to support the new floor’s operations.

  7. Advanced Camera System Installation:

    • Designed and installed a camera system with advanced features such as tracking, motion detection, and active deterrence.

Results and Benefits


Datcomm Technology Solutions successfully implemented a comprehensive network and security system for MVP Surgical, meeting their needs for a reliable and efficient infrastructure. The project’s success demonstrates Datcomm’s expertise in providing tailored solutions for complex business environments.
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