Improving WiFi Coverage for a Large Home With no Ethernet Connection

Client Background

Client: Homeowner with a large property. 
Property Size: More than 6,000 Sqft.

The Chalange

  • The homeowner had a poor WiFi signal in several key areas, including the office on the second floor, the backyard porch ( watch sports on TV), the front WiFi camera, and the no connection to the WiFi barbeque grill.

  • The best internet speed was inconsistent, and many areas had difficulty connecting to WiFi.

  • The existing setup included numerous Google WiFi mesh units, which were unprofessionally placed and did not provide adequate coverage.

  • During the survey and assessment, Datcomm noticed that running an ethernet cable to some places, especially in first-floor rooms and the backyard, was not feasible.


  • Consultation and Assessment:

    • Datcomm conducted a thorough survey and assessment of the current network setup and homeowner’s needs.

  • Leveraging Existing Infrastructure:

    • Discovered that the homeowner had unused coaxial cables running through the house.

    • We used MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) devices to send data through the coaxial cables to the access points (APs) designed to provide WiFi.

  • Customized Network Design:

    • Developed a tailored network design based on the survey results.

    • Installed high-performance APs to provide robust WiFi coverage.

  • Professional Installation:

    • Set up a mesh network strategically to ensure strong signal coverage on the backyard porch.

    • Created a second WiFi network with the 2.4 GHz band specifically for IoT devices, including the WiFi barbeque grill, which only used 2.4 GHz WiFi.

    • Replaced the old Google WiFi mesh units with a more reliable and professionally configured system.


  • The project was executed efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the homeowner’s daily activities.

  • Continuous testing and adjustments were made to ensure optimal performance.

  • Provided the homeowner with a detailed guide and training on how to manage the new network.

The Results


  • The project was a big success, turning the home network into a reliable and high-performing system.

  • The homeowner now enjoys a secure, stable, and efficient network environment.

  • The homeowner has recommended Datcomm to several neighbors and friends, highlighting the quality of the service provided.

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