George Theater Network Expansion – Wireless Point-to-Point Solution

Project Scope
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Connection Design and Installation
  • Network Expansion for Temporary Office Containers

The Chalange

  • George Theater had multiple office containers outside the main building that needed reliable network connectivity.

  • The existing Ethernet connection was broken, disrupting network services to these office containers.

  • Running new Ethernet cables, such as fiber, was not feasible due to the temporary nature of the office containers and the difficulty of installing fiber on concrete surfaces.

  • The goal was to provide a high-speed, stable connection between the main building and the office containers.

Our Solution

  • Consultation and Assessment:

    • Conducted an on-site survey to understand the specific network connectivity needs of the office containers.

    • Assessed the existing infrastructure and identified the optimal locations for wireless point-to-point equipment.

  • Wireless Point-to-Point Connection:

    • High-Speed Wireless Link: Designed and implemented a wireless point-to-point solution capable of providing a 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) connection. This ensured high-speed data transfer and reliable network performance.

    • Equipment Selection: Selected enterprise-grade wireless point-to-point equipment to ensure robust and stable connections. The equipment was chosen for its ability to handle high data throughput and provide reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

    • Installation and Configuration: Installed the wireless point-to-point equipment at strategic locations on the main building and the office containers. Configured the equipment to optimize performance and ensure secure data transmission.

The Results


  • Successful Implementation: This project successfully addressed George Theater’s network connectivity challenges, providing a reliable, high-speed wireless point-to-point connection for the office containers. The solution has significantly improved network performance and operational efficiency.

  • Client Satisfaction: The client expressed great satisfaction with Datcomm’s solution, highlighting the professional design and installation. The wireless point-to-point connection met and exceeded the client’s expectations, ensuring uninterrupted network services.

  • Future Prospects: This project’s success has positioned George Theater for future growth and technological advancements. Datcomm’s solutions have laid a solid foundation for scalable and adaptable network infrastructure, enabling the client to meet evolving business needs.
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