Ensuring Reliable WiFi and Secure Connections for a Tech-Savvy Homeowner

Project scope

Client: Homeowner with a focus on technology and security
Property Size: Not Specified

The Chalange

  • The homeowner experienced significant WiFi issues, including dead zones and unreliable connections, especially while walking through the house during calls.

  • Reliable access was required for Local IoT devices, including a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) system for data storage.

  • The homeowner needed to ensure secure access to local resources, such as the NAS, while abroad.

  • The goal was to have a secure and stable connection, whether using WiFi or a hardwired connection.

Our Solution

  • Consultation and Assessment:

    • We started by understanding the homeowner’s specific needs and assessing the current network setup.

  • Customized Network Design:

    • Conducted a detailed WiFi survey to identify dead zones and areas with weak signals.

    • Designed a robust network plan to provide seamless WiFi coverage and secure connections.

  • High-Performance Equipment:

    • Recommended and installed high-performance network equipment, including a powerful router, PoE switch, and strategically placed access points (APs) to eliminate dead zones.

  • Enhanced Security:

    • Created multiple VLANs for each WiFi SSID and Ethernet access: main WiFi, guest WiFi, and IoT WiFi, each set to a specific VLAN to ensure security and integrity.

    • Configured WiFi security with WPA2.0 encryption.

    • Added a MAC address whitelist option for additional security.

    • Implemented advanced security measures to protect the homeowner’s data and ensure secure connections on both WiFi and wired networks.

    • Configured VPN access for secure remote access to the NAS and other local resources while the homeowner was abroad.

  • Seamless Connectivity:

    • Ensured that the network provided reliable and seamless connectivity throughout the house, allowing the homeowner to move freely without losing connection during calls.

The Results


  • This project successfully addressed the homeowner’s WiFi issues and security concerns, transforming the home network into a reliable, high-performing system.

  • The homeowner now enjoys a secure, stable, and efficient network, making daily activities and remote access seamless and secure.

  • The homeowner has enthusiastically recommended Datcomm to friends and colleagues, highlighting the quality and effectiveness of our solutions.

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