Enhancing WiFi Coverage for a Large Property

Project Scope

Client: Homeowner with a large property and extensive lot
Property Size: More than 9,000 Sqft house on a 2.28-acre lot

The Chalange

  • The homeowner had multiple WiFi routers placed in different parts of the house to serve specific purposes, such as one router for a remote gate and another for partial house coverage, plus a couple of extenders. This setup was confusing and inconvenient.

  • The WiFi signal was poor in many areas, and the homeowner had to connect to the gate router to control the gate, which was a hassle.

  • The office internet was unreliable, making it difficult to have consistent video calls, which were very important for work.

  • The newly built master bedroom was not connected to the network through the attic, making it difficult to run cable connections and resulting in poor connectivity.

Our Solution

  • We began by listening to the homeowner’s needs and thoroughly assessing the current network setup.

  • We developed a comprehensive network plan to provide seamless WiFi coverage throughout the property, simplifying the existing setup.

  • We recommended replacing the multiple routers and extenders with a unified, high-performance WiFi system.

  • We utilized existing infrastructure wherever possible and ensured the new master bedroom was integrated into the network, providing strong connectivity.

  • We installed a robust router and strategically placed access points (APs) to cover the entire property, including the remote gate and the newly added master bedroom.

  • We installed an AP in the garage area close to the remote gate and created a separate 2.4 GHz band WiFi signal to provide better coverage for the gate. This setup allowed the homeowner to control the gate without switching networks.

The Results


  • This project successfully transformed the home’s network into a reliable, high-performing system.

  • The homeowner now enjoys a secure, stable, and efficient WiFi network, making daily activities more convenient and enjoyable.

  • The homeowner has enthusiastically recommended Datcomm to several neighbors and friends, praising the quality and effectiveness of our service.

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